Hire a car to Sfakia

Crete and explore all this so special region to the south of Chania city has to offer.


Hire a car to Sfakia, Crete, and come in contact with a microcosm full of local color, high mountains, great gorges, and superb beaches south of Chania city.

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Sfakia, Chania, is one of the best places in Crete to hire a car to get to. It is a special place, known all over Greece, that combines high mountains with great beaches. About 3.000 inhabitants are scattered throughout this big region, having their own unique culture and temperament.

Sfakia for centuries used to be isolated from the urban centers in northern Crete, due to the high mountains that geographically separated the region from the rest of West Crete. This came to an end in the middle of the 20th century, when new paved roads were constructed connecting the north to the south of the Chania region.

It more than worth it to hire a car to explore the superb Sfakia region. Here, the landscape changes all the time, and combines imposing mountains with dramatic gorges and stunning beaches. One of the signature sights of Crete, the world-famous Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe, is located in Sfakia.

The mountainous landscape of Sfakia had certain disadvantages, like the difficulty of accessing the rest of West Crete, but also advantages, as the place was notoriously difficult to conquer throughout history, due to its extremely uneven terrain, and the sheer determination of its inhabitants to resist every foreign conqueror, until the very end.

This independent spirit of the local Sfakian people, together with the isolation of the area and the lack of considerable natural resources, are the main reasons that the region of Sfakia was partly independent during the many centuries that Crete was under the Venetian or the Ottoman rule. It is not a coincidence that even in recent Greek history, during the short-lived German occupation of Crete in World War II, Sfakia was the main base of the local Greek resistance.

Hiring a car to Sfakia, Crete

Discover a place that has been largely untouched by time.

Today, the region of Sfakia is one of the few places in the Mediterranean that has retained its traditional character, even after the gentrification that came along with tourist development. The visitors to the area enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, the one-of-a-kind landscape, the unique local temperament, and of course the superb beaches, some of which are among Crete's best.

The only way to enjoy all that this especial region has to offer, is to rent a car and drive around its winding roads. Here you will find the high White Mountains of Crete, or Lefka Ori, on the north of the region, which are clearly visible from Chania city itself. On the south, there are some of the most stunning, pristine beaches in Crete. And in between, numerous gorges tear through the land, the most known of which is Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe.

On the South Cretan Sea, or Liviko Pelagos, we find the capital of Sfakia, the coastal village of Hora Sfakion, in a distance of about 70 kilometers from Chania city, which is easily accessible by car. Hora Sfakion is both a traditional local village, and a tourist base, as it features the most amenities in the region, and many visitors prefer it for their vacation every year.

In the same way, the nearby coastal village of Frangokastelo is also easily accessible by car through a paved road. The name of the village came from the big Venetian castle that used to protect the area, the ruins of which stand up to this day, restored and in very good condition. The dominant castle of Frangokastelo is the place where great historical events took place through the centuries, events that shaped the history of Crete, and it is warmly recommended to visit, apart from swimming in the superb local beach, of course.

Finally, two other well-known coastal villages in Sfakia, are the extremely photogenic Loutro village, and the village of Agia Roumeli, where the route through Samaria Gorge ends, both of which are only accessible by boat or on foot after long walks.

Sfakia, Crete, is a very special place, that you need to hire a car to explore and delve into its very unique character. The local traditions, the magnificent natural environment, and the superb beaches make it a no-brainer to visit wonderful Sfakia. And if you use Tellus car rental for hiring the car to get there, you also ensure your total peace of mind.

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