Hire a car to Phalasarna, Chania

discover a stunning location with one of the most magnificent beaches and natural landscapes in Crete


Hiring a car to Phalasarna, Crete is the best way to discover this magnificent destination west of Chania city, which boasts for its large stunning beach and for one of the most amazing natural landscapes in the island.

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Phalasarna, Crete, is a location and beach worth hiring a car to visit. It features a magnificent landscape consisting of an imposing mountain overlooking a superb beach, and it is also a place with a big archaeological interest.

Phalasarna lies on the west coast of Crete, in its northern part, in a distance of about 45 kilometers west of Chania city, and the best way to get there is to hire a car. The road from Chania city is wide and in perfect condition, the first 35 kilometers of the route being the new national road.

Renting a car to Phalasarna, Crete: Discover one of the most wonderful beaches in Crete.

The gorgeous beach of Phalasarna is in fact a large coastal zone with white sand and crystal-clear water, lying between imposing mountains. Both the beach and the surrounding natural environment are stunning.

As the beach at Phalasarna is located on the west coast of Crete, it is the absolutely best place to enjoy a magical sunset, with the bright Cretan sun “diving” into the dark blue, orange and pink water.

As practically all visitors to Phalasarna get there by car, there is a big parking area in front of the main beach, where you can park the car you have hired.

In the coastal zone of Phalasarna, there are three different beaches to discover. The first lies to the south, is organized and has sun beds and parasols. The second beach is located near the first to the north, and it is the main beach of Phalasarna, also with sun beds and parasols, and with a beach bar which also serves snacks.

The third beach is a little further to the north, on the end of the paved road that goes parallel to the coastline, and you can easily access it with your rented car. This beach is the most remote among the three, and very picturesque. Here there is also an excellent tavern and a nice bar, where you can see the beautiful bay of Phalasarna from above.

A thing you should keep in mind, is to avoid going to Phalasarna for swimming when strong wind blows from the west. If that is the case, it might be difficult to swim, as the large beach is not protected from west winds.

Hiring a car to Phalasarna

An ancient city with a glorious history

The ancient city of Phalasarna was one of the wealthiest cities in ancient Minoan Crete. It used to be one of the biggest trading and naval centers in West Crete, due to its big and secure harbor. The city flourished during the 4th and 3rd centuries BC, but it was finally razed to the ground from the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC. The main reason for this brutal assault of the Romans is that, apart from trading, one of the main occupations of ancient Phalasarnians was piracy.

You can easily reach ancient Phalasarna by your rented car, as it is located about 2,5 kilometers north of Phalasarna beach. An interesting fact about the ancient city is that, after a great earthquake in the area in the 4th century AD, the west coast of Crete was raised about 8 meters higher, and it displaced the ancient port of Phalasarna on solid ground. As a consequence, it nowadays is located inland, about 150 meters from the coast.

It definitely worth it to hire a car and visit the fascinating Phalasarna, Crete. Featuring a stunning beach, an impressive mountainous landscape, and a historical ancient city, Phalasarna is one of the best places to visit in the west of Chania region. And Tellus car rental is the best place to hire a great car to get there easily and safely.

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